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The annual EGOV conference assesses the state of the art in e-government/ e-governance and provides guidance for research, development and application in this fast-moving ?eld. EGOV 2005 in Copenhagen built on the achievements of the preceding conferences (EGOV 2004 in Zaragoza, EGOV 2003 in Prague, EGOV 2002 in Aix-en-Provence). The EGOV conferences have become a - union for academics and professionals worldwide. In that way, EGOV conf- ences provide both an exchange on the state of a?airs concerning e-government developments and a basis for networking and building the community. EGOV 2005 broughtsome changesin the outline and structure of the conf- ence. In line with the growing number of submissions the conference was more structured and the reviewing process was more formalized, adopting a doub- blind peer-review procedure. The new design of EGOV safeguards the scienti?c quality and guarantees up-to-date information together with a discussion of the state of the art and of emerging themes in the ?eld. Hence EGOV 2005 had both research sections and a workshop part. It comprised completed research and research in progress, workshopandposterpresentations,andaPhDstudentcolloquium.Theproce- ings volume published by Springer, Heidelberg includes the papers presented in the conferencepart.The volumepublished by Trauner,Linz contains the EGOV workshop and poster contributions.

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